The Listeners

2013, Charcoal on voile, 150 x 200 cm

The Listeners costumes
South Australian Ballet Club
Designed by Kenneth Rowell
Choreographed by Joanne Priest

The unique costumes and set for The Listeners were created and individually hand painted by acclaimed theatre designer and visual artist Kenneth Rowell. Inspired by Walter de la Mare’s poem of the same name, the Listeners was choreographed by Joanne Priest and performed by the South Australian Ballet Club.

Yvonne East: Art + Object is an exhibition of artwork that East originally created after being inspired by the fabrics, textures and stories of objects held by the Performing Arts Collection at Adelaide Festival Centre. In 2020 for the very first time the original “muse” objects are on display side by side with East’s artworks.

2013, Charcoal on voile and video projection, 150 x 800 cm

The Listeners was presented as a multimedia artwork at the South Coast Regional Gallery in 2014.

Watch video documentation of the multimedia installation at 0:35 below: