Showgirl 2

2013, oil on canvas, 91 x 60 cm

Unknown designer
c. 1954

A coreset is a garment that traditionally sits from the hips, past the waist and just under or over the bust. The back laces so that it can be adjusted tighter. This creates an hourglass shape on the body by making the wearer’s waist appear smaller.

The pink pale corsets were reportedly worn as part of the last Noel Coward play performed at Adelaide’s Theatre Royal.

Donated by Pat Lees, Performing Arts Collection, Adelaide Festival Centre.

Yvonne East: Art + Object is an exhibition of artwork that East originally created after being inspired by the fabrics, textures and stories of objects held by the Performing Arts Collection at Adelaide Festival Centre. In 2020 for the very first time the original “muse” objects are on display side by side with East’s artworks.