2013, oil on canvas, 153 x 102 cm

Iberia costume
Les Ballet Contemporains
Designed by Dorrit Black
Choreographed by Joseph Siebert

Designed by influential South Australian visual artist Dorrit Black, this costume was worn by Josie Stoffers as part of the dancing crowd in Les Ballet Contemporains production of Iberia (1944). Black was known for pioneering Modernist painting and printmaking in Australia, and he contribution to marrying visual and performing arts is unparalleled. Donated by Josie Pascoe (nee Stoffers), Performing Arts Collection, Adelaide Festival Centre.

Yvonne East: Art + Object is an exhibition of artwork that East originally created after being inspired by the fabrics, textures and stories of objects held by the Performing Arts Collection at Adelaide Festival Centre. In 2020 for the very first time the original “muse” objects are on display side by side with East’s artworks.